Where to leave refuse bags

One of the questions we get asked most often here at BermondseyStreet.London is ‘where do I leave my rubbish?’ So here’s everything you need to know.

BermondseyStreet.London has worked hard with Southwark Council in recent months to clean the street up and make it a pleasant space for everyone and Bermondsey Street is now a bin free street, which means commercial euro-bins or residential wheelie bins are not permitted on the street under any circumstances.

Residential residents living in gated developments off Bermondsey Street will have onsite refuse facilities and your refuse bags should be deposited there.

Residents living directly on Bermondsey Street for example above a shop, or other commercial premises, should leave their refuse for collection directly on the street as close to the kerb as possible. Both recycling and normal black sack bags are collected every day, twice a day. Please leave the bags in clear view of the road so the van driver can see them. Do not leave bags between parked cars or by any other obstruction such as a commercial dumpster.

Residents can obtain free recycling bags quarterly from Southwark Council by clicking on this link: https://forms.southwark.gov.uk/ShowForm.asp?fm_fid=728

Commercial waste will not be collected by the council and business owners should contract their own refuse collection company. Some of the companies serving Bermondsey Street currently include Veolia, Suez, Albion, RTS, First Mile and Paper Round. Southwark Council are now regularly checking bags left on the street and if business owners are caught leaving refuse out for collection disguised as residential waste they will be fined.

If you live on a side street adjoining Bermondsey Street you can check your collection day here: http://www.southwark.gov.uk/bins/lookup

If you need to dispose of large bulky items the council will collect them for you at a fee of £16 for up to ten items. This service can be booked using this link:


If you have AirBnb guests make sure they know where to leave their waste.

If you have any further questions drop us a line at hello@bermondseystreet.london