Hello and welcome to Bermondsey Street London, the place where you’ll find everything you need to know about Bermondsey Street and the surrounding area.


Bermondsey Street has a rich and varied history that can be traced back as far as 1000 years ago, when people built a causeway across the marshes from the south end of London Bridge to Bermondsey Abbey (now Bermondsey Square). Over time, buildings were put up along the street and by about 1700, it was a wealthy area, trading in wool. By 1850 if was famous for its tanneries and leatherworking. Many of its historic buildings and yards stretch back from the street in the medieval pattern.


In the 1970s, the tanneries had moved out and the antique dealers moved in and filled the industrial spaces with antique furniture. Our famous antiques market can still be experienced every Friday morning on Bermondsey Square. In 1973 it was designated a conservation area. 

Modern times

More recently, the industrial buildings and warehouses were converted to offices and stylish apartments. Add to the mix excellent transportation links, several green open spaces, and the area’s close proximity to the city and the riverside and people started to realise living south of the river was suddenly now desirable! It wasn’t long before Bermondsey Street was voted one of the most fashionable places to live in London by Vogue Magazine.


Today there thousands of local residents and nearly 600 small businesses in the area and it is home to many creative industries such architects, artists and designers as well as PR, marketing and advertising agencies. The street is also a must-visit for food and drink lovers with its eclectic mix of café’s, restaurants, gastro pubs and cocktail bars. 

Bermondsey Street London

BermondseyStreet.London grew out of the Bermondsey Street Area Partnership, which in turn grew out of the Bermondsey Street Association, back in the 1960s. 


There is a long tradition of community activity here, which we are proud to continue as we  move forward sharing information about our area and acting as the voice of local people on local issues. 


We organise events, publish guides, support community projects and spread the word about local exhibitions, restaurants, cafes, shops and other businesses. We are a not-for-profit group, run by unpaid volunteers who live and work in or around the street. You can support the work we do by joining or contributing your ideas or time. Please get in touch for more details.  

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